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Robert Snidow, CFP®, AIF®, RICP®, CLU®, ChFC®

Where do you want to go? We'll get there, together. 

"My mission is to carefully identify the needs and objectives of my clients and then suggest the appropriate products and services to help them meet their specific goals."

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Capitol Financial Solutions is a leading financial services firm that specializes in working with business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals. What this means is that we invest the time to better educate, organize and prepare our clients for the inevitable financial issues they face. The real benefit is confidence in knowing you are able to help protect and preserve your lifestyle, assets, and loved ones.

<p>Medicare Advantage 101</p>

Medicare Advantage 101

Overview of Medicare Advantage, what’s in them, special rules, and more.
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<p>16 Wall Street Cliches in 60 Seconds</p>

16 Wall Street Cliches in 60 Seconds

Pundits say a lot of things about the markets. Let's see if you can keep up.
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<p>A Cheat Sheet for Sending Your Kid to College</p>

A Cheat Sheet for Sending Your Kid to College

Dropping off your son or daughter is loaded with emotions; here are a few tips for a smoother experience.
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We go with you, wherever the road of life takes you.

We go with you, wherever the road of life takes you.

We'll work with you to explore the choices you may have already heard about and determine which ones fit your individual strategy.

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